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Capitolio Remodel Project 


129 W 400 N, Salt Lake City, UT 84103


Ben Kjar

Ben has flipped nearly 200 properties all over the U.S. and in the past 6 years he has compiled a rental portfolio of almost 100 multifamily rentals and multiple storage unit complexes.  

In January 2022 Ben and I entered a partnership and since then we have successfully remodeled 3 properties together.  Besides being partners I continue to provide interior design services to Ben for all his higher end properties, helping him implement his vision for the spaces and elevate his design choices.

Capitolio was a great project to be involved in.  I learned firsthand how difficult it is to work in an old building part of the historic archives.  There were many “do not touch” areas of the home and it was challenging to upgrade it given the constraints. 

All in all, this 1,961-sf home, a 1901 Victorian original, has been transformed into a modern abode keeping its original charm.  My word to describe this remodel is:  SUPER CUTE!

Before & After Pictures


Video Coming Soon!

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