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Leilani Remodel Project


10428 Leilani Drive, Sandy, UT 84070


Patrick Svedin

Patrick Svedin has a knack for finding dilapidated houses.  Leilani Remodel was worse than Chapel Street. There was so much neglect on the property that we had to ensure ourselves the home was meth free. There were rooms where not only did we need to remove the dry wall from the walls and ceiling, but we had to remove the subfloor, too.


The neighbors told me the former family was troubled by loss & grief, so it made us understand the reasons behind it all. This misfortune incentivized us to work extra hard to turn Leilani around. We wanted the neighbors and the previous owner to feel good about it.

Just short of six months we delivered on a unique design for the area. Patrick managed to secure a wonderful buyer, whom he is friends with now, and they have truly made it their home. Leilani shines on the corner and stands out from all the houses in the neighborhood.    

Before & After Pictures


10428 Leilani Dr - Video
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