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Matterhorn Project - Park City Showcase of Homes 2023


55 Matterhorn Drive, Park City, UT, 84042


Ben Kjar

"The Hygge House project was a monumental task, but the result is a testament to the power of creativity, hard work, and collaboration. The transformation from a dilapidated property to a home that embodies the essence of Hygge and 'Japandi design is truly remarkable. It's impressive that despite the challenges, the project was able to secure a commendable 3rd place in the 2023 Park City Showcase of Homes. The dedication of everyone involved, working tirelessly to bring this project to fruition, is truly admirable. The Hygge House stands as a symbol of resilience, innovation, and the beauty that can emerge from embracing change and challenges. It's no wonder that revisiting the images and project videos brings a sense of pride and accomplishment.”

-Bya Patzner, Designer Builder 



The PC project was a very challenging project to begin with. The Hygge House, as we call it, was a very outdated, tired-looking, depressed property located high up on the north side of Summit Park. The back decks had collapsed. The entire three floors were reconstructed as the foundation shifted resulting in major floor height differences from one part of the home to the other. Needless to say, after almost 2 years of work The Hygge House was still a construction site to be finished. The owner Ben Kjar, who was my partner in another 3 properties, offered me an opportunity to transform this home which I took to heart. As Ben already had his ideas for this project, the layout was done and the decks had already been defined, I embraced what he had already decided on and put my creative juices to work. 


The Hygge House is an example of an incredible home revitalization. Today there is no sign that this home was ever in its worst shape possible. The design came through seamlessly. Hygge (HOOGA) means a certain quality of coziness, and when incorporated into interior design, it helps to bring a feeling of well-being or contentment into any home. In other words, it is a state of mind that will have you feeling present in your environment and enjoying the present. 


The Japandi design style of the Hygge home is simple, clean, and elegant, in almost all aspects. Monochromism in every room, accompanied by bright splashes of color here and there. It is a style that borrows from nature. Throughout the home you will find glass, metal, wood, stone, brick artisan-style tiles and the décor is all about curated craftsmanship. 


The Hygee House was the first-ever remodel in the Park City Showcase of Homes. It didn't receive enough votes to become the People's Choice Award but it came in 3rd place out of 16 new builds, which is a testament to a job well done. 


Many creatives worked in the Hygge House. If it weren't for all of them doing their best and working super hard, at times throughout the night, this project would have not made it to the finishing line to be enjoyed by over 2,000+ visitors during the Park City Showcase of Homes. 


The Hygge House is the largest, longest lasting and most complex and difficult to manage project I have undertaken. Yet the one that still makes me sigh every time I revisit the images and the project videos. 


Indeed, a showstopper!

Before & After Pictures


Back of Home Overview 2-63.jpg
55 Matterhorn Dr-42-43.jpg
55 Matterhorn Dr-41-42.jpg
55 Matterhorn Dr-30-30.jpg
Main Kitchen Overview 3-108.jpg
Home Theater Overview 1-99.jpg
Main Kitchen Overview 2-107.jpg
Mudroom Overview 1-120.jpg
Home Office Overview 2-98.jpg
55 Matterhorn Dr-55-56.jpg
55 Matterhorn Dr-28-27.jpg
55 Matterhorn Dr-19-17.jpg
2F Guest Bathroom Vanity Wall 1-1.jpg
55 Matterhorn Dr-51-53.jpg
Back of Home Overview 1-62.jpg
Front Entrance Metal Staircase-85.jpg
Main Deck Off Main Living Room Fireplace French Doors 2-103.jpg
Main Entryway Bench Seating Area-105.jpg
Home Theater Overview 2-100.jpg
Home Office Bar Area View 1-96.jpg
Main Kitchen Overview 4-109.jpg
Mudroom Overview 2-121.jpg
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