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Accent Walls

Accent walls are going strong in 2023. Wallpaper can be an easy way to try out new styles if you're not sure what you want. Especially now with the peel & stick wallpaper versions that allow you to test what you like without hurting your walls. But, if you're ready to commit, consider a bolder approach, like introducing deep tone colors (more on color later) and textures like using metals, exposed brick, concrete, natural stone and wood paneling such as tambour, shiplap (vertical, horizontal and chevron patterns), unusual pattered tiles, or simply use art coordinated with bedding as your focal point on a specific wall.

As you will see throughout my designs, and from inspiration I took from other designers, who help me find creative ways to accent my own walls, I pretty much dabbed into everything to deliver creative accent walls on all my projects. There is always something new, that I have never experimented doing before on walls that I always try to pull off in every project. I view accent walls as works of art.

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