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Bering Flooring

Bering Finishes was created with trend in mind. As a designer I am so tired of endless choices. Bering was so smart to research and develop with designers, quality flooring based on current trends that are here to stay, at least for the next 6 years. You don’t have thousands of options but the handful you have are the ones you are looking to purchase. 

We are Local

Usually, the newest flooring designs are always priced at a premium, forcing you to increase your budget or settle for some other flooring at a compromise to your design. Bering gives you design flexibility with their pricing model for a flooring line that is fresh. Taking the middleman out of the equation, by purchasing directly from the manufacturer and shipping it directly to the projects or to the Bering warehouse, brings you novelty at a price you will be happy to pay for.

Buying flooring is an expensive decision no matter what type and brand you settle for. Having to purchase it months in advance to secure its price and on time delivery eats into your budget, early on.


Bering warehouses all its flooring and transitions right here in Salt Lake City. All you need to do is to plan to use a certain Bering floor and let me know 24 hours in advance. That is all it is required of you to do business with me. 


Your investment in the type of floor you would like to put into your projects has to come early on, but you only need to pay for it when you are ready to pick up and install. That makes a huge difference in your project cashflow.

Once you decide on the type of floor and make the payment, you can pick up the Bering floor you selected at their warehouse downtown SLC as early as the next day.   

Endorsed by Bya

I started to use it on my own projects first and then my customers from their very beginning. I initially wanted to test the quality to be able to give Mike Allred my honest feedback. Since then, I have never purchased another Engineered Wood Floor. I am floored with the product quality and how it performs.


I was preparing to give some negative feedback, but to date my installation team has only raved about it. Bering makes it easy to install their flooring by giving you installation directions to follow, selling you the right glue to use, if you want to go with their recommended, and by making available all types of transitions that you might need in your project.

In terms of sales and customer service, I feel special, as I have never been so well taken care of. If you ask me a question on the floor that I might not know, I can text the professionals at Bering Finishes and I will get you an answer right away. It can be something out of the ordinary and they will answer me 24 x 7! 


There is a lot to be said about customer service and after-sales service in today’s market, and I am pleased to let you know that I will have you covered working with Bering Finishes.

Engineered Wood

No matter how you choose to read my reasons for using and recommending Bering Finishes, I can tell you, from personal experience, you won’t regret it, in fact, I know I can convert you to a Bering Finishes fan, as I have been.

Look no further, call me for a consultation on all your flooring needs!
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